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Inno Power can typically deliver energy savings of over 60%, reducing cities’ energy bills and CO2 footprint, and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Our controllers are designed for monitoring and control of both conventional and LED street luminaires. Our controllers are typically integrated into luminaires or poles. With our photovoltaic controls, we can generate renewable energy as part of the urban environment, providing cities with a source of revenue to offset the rising cost of electricity.
Light by movement
For the Inno Power control units, it is possible to add a the motion sensor system, which can be placed in the mast or luminaire.

The motion sensor solution is an integral part of the intelligent network. If a sensor detects a movement, selected or all luminaires increase the light level.

This ensures that there is adequate light when needed and energy savings up to 92 %.

About us
Inno Power is a danish company that develops and sells innovative monitoring products for street lighting.

Our portfolio will make it possible for our costumers to enable energy savings up to 92 %, reducing cities’ energy bills and carbon footprint, enhances public safety and reduces street lighting costs.

Where are we
Our products are designed to control Solar, street and road lighting applications, including parking lots, ports, railway stations and industrial complexes.

Our products can be controlled and monitored from a web server. Critical errors are reported instantly via email and SMS. General surveillance reported daily / weekly via email.

Service app
Mobile app provides service personnel the opportunity for testing and diagnosis during service work.

Inno Power ApS
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