Institute of Marine Research


'G.O. Sars' is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world.
It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in order to carry out a
wide variety of research work. The ship is owned by the Institute of
Marine Research. Photo: Kjartan Mæstad, Institute of Marine Research


The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is a leading research institute within the areas of marine ecosystem management, marine resources, marine environment and aquaculture. Our main objective is to provide scientific advice to the authorities, industry and society as a whole, in addition to development cooperation in research and resources management.

The Institute has an excellent infrastructure, including six research vessels, three research stations for experimental biology and aquaculture, and a wide range of biological and chemical laboratories.

International Contributor
The Institute of Marine Research is an important contributor to international organizations and commissions working with the whole marine ecosystems. In addition we cooperate with a large number of universities and research institutions worldwide. The Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries focuses on research and management to achieve maximum and sustainable benefits from marine resources in developing countries.

In the Forefront of Acoustics Technology
The Institute of Marine Research has a long tradition of developing and utilizing acoustic tools in stock assessment. A new system developed by IMR is using data from six echo sounders simultaneously. The system's data analysis programmes generate immediate synthetic echograms, which can be used to distinguish between different types of organisms, such as herring, saithe, mackerel, fish larvae and zooplankton.


Real-time synthetic echograms, generated by combining the information at six frequencies on the instrument keel of "G.O. Sars". The echogram shows identified mackerel schools (blue) within a layer of krill (green). The accuracy of the identification is indicated with the contrast of the colour, darker colour being surely mackerel. 

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