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Intergraph® is an international leading provider of enterprise engineering software to the Oil & Gas, Power and Marine sectors. Intergraph Process, Power & Marine division creates solutions that enable the integrated design, construction, and operation of process and all Oil& Gas facilities, power plants, offshore platforms, and ships, and provides information management capabilities to build and operate those facilities.

Intergraph provides several solutions to manage project risks during the engineering and operational phase with maximum re-use and consistency.

Improve Communication and Efficiency
Intergraph’s rule-based design solutions help you support your company’s best practices. Enable inter-discipline cooperation by optimizing the flow of engineering data from project to operations. Intergraph solutions ensure the repeatability and reusability of knowledge and designs from project to project, helping you save money.

Minimize the Impacts of Change
Change is inevitable on any project. Intergraph helps you minimize and more quickly detect the impacts of change. Identify potential risks of changes before they impact your project schedule or costs.
Intergraph solutions’ intelligence is a risk-mitigation tool, giving you a “safety net” against costly errors. You can select and execute on best solutions to fix the change, and better track and manage the outcome of your decision and ensure consistency of the change throughout the complete integrated process

Understand Project Status
Managers and project participants can gain a transparent view into their projects at any level of detail they require. Better understand project status (where you are now), progress (where you are going), and issues (what to look for in the future). With a management dashboard insight, you can maintain a common engineering view for a single project, from initiation through to completion. Take advantage of updated information to evaluate project risks and costs at a management level.

SmartMarine Enterprise
As part of the integrated Enterprise solution Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D is the world’s most advanced offshore and shipbuilding design solution, providing companies with the capabilities they need to gain and maintain an edge in a highly competitive industry. SmartMarine 3D is breakthrough engineering technology that is data-centric, knowledge- and rule-driven, for early, detailed and manufacturing design for all structural and outfitting disciplines with the potential of productivity gains to up to 30 percent. SmartMarine 3D is endorsed and used by leading offshore and shipbuilding companies globally, including the most productive shipyard, the top offshore owner operator, the top fabrication yard, and the top classification society in the world.

Providing competitive edge
SmartMarine® 3D’s advanced scalability and modular design enables organizations of any size to configure the exact type of system that meets their workflow and workload requirements. SmartMarine 3D will:

  • Streamline building processes
  • Lower manpower and material costs
  • Reduce the time to design and construct world-class vessels
  • Introduce production flexibility features yet unknown in traditional 3D design systems
  • Meet the challenge faced by more and more companies – distributed, multi-site design and production
  • Provide for better integration with complementary work processes and computer systems
  • Bridge early design with detailed design and production

SmartMarine® 3D will provide companies with the capabilities they need to gain and maintain an edge in a highly competitive industry.

Intergraph has been ranked the No. 1 overall worldwide leader in the engineering design 3D software and Process Engineering Tools (PET) market according to the ARC Advisory Group. Our leadership position is backed by a proven track record of high-quality product development, a global customer base of industry leaders, and a worldwide sales and support network.

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