International Water Treatment Maritime AS

IWTM was founded in 1992. Our main activity is non-chemical water treatment of any fresh water system to prevent corrosion. This is achieved by installing “ELYSATOR” in the different heating, cooling and steam generating systems in the industrial, housing and marine applications.

ELYSATOR is a Swiss product (reg. trademark) with more than 30 years of experience and with thousands of installations in all kinds of systems. (Industry, hospitals, private housing, food processing etc.) The fi rst maritime installations were made in 1994. And now, thousands of Elysators has been successfully installed on vessels worldwide.

The Elysator can be used in any kind of closed or partially closed Systems with circulation (Marine and Industrial) where corrosion might occur. Marine: Elysators are installed into new buildings & existing vessels for all kind of fresh water systems where corrosion might occur. Cruise ships are an excellent example of the diversity of the Elysator. On these types of vessel they are used for protection of FW cooling systems, boilers,main engine cooling, airconditioning units, azipod propulsion and also potable hotwater.

Industrial: Elysators are installed in many industrial systems including airports, dairies, food processing, power plants (also nuclear). They are also used in the central heating systems of many large housing and apartment complexes, hotels and hospitals.

Short reference list:
Marine customers:

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Vela
  • Bergesen DY ASA
  • BP Shipping
  • Odfjell ASA
  • Stasco
  • National Iranian Tankers
  • Wallenius Marine
  • V-Ship
  • Star Cruises
  • The Torvald Klaveness Group
  • Wilh.Wilhelmsen
  • IMC Singapore
  • Tanker Pacific Management
  • Crystal Cruise Line

Land based customers:

  • Forsmark Nuclear powerplant
  • Oslo airport Gardermoen
  • Hotels, hospitals and schools (all over Scandinavia)
  • Svalbard Island
  • Andøya rocketbase
  • Telenor AS (Norway largest officebuilding, 26 systems.)
  • Officee Buildings (all over Scandinavia)
  • Royal Norwegian Defense
  • Ministery (Airports, navy bases, officebuildings etc…..)
  • Aprox 2500 installations in Scandinavia


International Water Treatment Maritime AS
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