We take on well challenges to ensure increased enhanced oil and gas recovery and barrier security for global upstream energy companies.

From the construction phase of a well right through to the plugging and abandonment stage, we have unique solutions to your unique challenges. Interwell’s technology is designed for reservoir and flow assurance applications, shallow and deep-set well barriers, well integrity, P&A applications, and special niche completion products.


Interwell_01Unique Solutions

Well Barrier & Integrity
From temporarily abandoning a well, to isolating a wellbore, and performing maintenance and completion.

Completion Repair
Locating or isolating a leak is just one challenge in completions that our technology can provide a solution to

Custom Made
Interwell can offer our clients custom made solutions for well challenges within our field.

Reservoir & Flow Assurance
Interwell is developing a new concept for multi stage hydraulic fracturing. The InterFrac system provides several benefits, such as proppant flow back control; unlimited number of stages, and full bore. InterFrac is a one-trip, intervention-less fracturing process that saves
rig time.

By combining our expertise on well characteristics and our client’s needs with our unique technological edge, we provide both custom-made and off-the-shelf-well solutions. Our products are versatile; they can withstand extreme differential pressures, and can pass through extremely narrow wellbore restrictions.



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