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With installations in just over 26 countries, Interzon AB has, in just one decade, reached the position of leading company within the air treatment sector based on environmentally friendly ozone technology. Interzon’s technology is currently believed to be one of the most advanced in the world, and the trademark AirMaid has a state-of-the-art among the global range of ozone generators.



Interzon’s head office is located in Täby, in northern Stockholm, and the company has a subsidiary in Germany and a network of agents and distributors in a large number of countries. Markets where the company is represented include Denmark, Finland, France, Eastern Europe, Spain, Turkey and Asia. Interzon is expanding globally at the same rate as the company is experiencing an increase in interest in air treatment and the cleaning of ventilation ducts using Interzon’s ozone solutions.

Areas of usage for Interzon’s technology include eliminating the problem of bad odours in smaller spaces such as rubbish rooms and storage areas, improving air and indoor environments in residential properties (often in combination with technology for energy efficiency) and the treatment of odours and gases in water and sewage systems.

Global Fast Food leaders are choosing Interzon’s ozone solutions
Interzon’s technology does not only solve the problem of bad odours and gases, but is also used to break down and remove grease in ventilation ducts. With more and more companies becoming aware of the opportunities provided by our ozone technology, the world’s leading fast food chains has become a global growth market for Interzon. Our customers include some global leaders within this segment and they choose our solutions and us as their technical partner in order to reduce the risk of fire in ventilation ducts, cut maintenance costs, increase the life span of their investments and improve the working environment for their employees.

Our success factors include our own technological development and production, our complete product portfolio, our many years of experience, proven operational safety and the cost-efficiency of our solutions. Interzon is a sound choice in terms of technology and partners, even for large and complex installation projects. We are in a strong market position and we are continuing to invest in development in order to further refine ozone technology as an environmentally friendly and safe alternative for air treatment.

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