Island Offshore

Island Offshore The Island Offshore Group is a leading provider of services to the offshore industry ranging from Platform Supply and Anchor Handling to Advanced Subsea Operations including Increased Oil Recovery (IOR) and Light Well Intervention (LWI). Our fleet consists of twenty three high quality vessels, which are currently operating in Mexico and West Africa and in the North Sea. When the newbuilding program is completed the fleet will consist of:

  • 15 Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • 2 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS)
  • 5 Sub Sea Support Vessels (SSSV)
  • 4 Well Stimulation Vessels (VSV)
  • 3 Riserless Well Intervention Units (RLWI)
  • 1 Semi Submersible Drilling Unit

Light Well Intervention Services
Island Offshore have three vessels in operation providing a complete service of well intervention to obtain increased oil recovery. Main contractors are Statoil, BP and Shell. FMC, Aker Kvaerner Well Service and Oceaneering are sub suppliers to Island Offshore in this venture.

Anchor Handling Vessels
Island Offshore are operating 2 large anchor handling vessel. The vessels are highly versatile with moonpool and heave compensated A-frame enabling a variety of light construction work in addition to regular anchor handling.

Platform Supply Vessels
Island Offshore is operator of 15 plattform Supply vessels where most of them are operating on long term contracts in the North Sea.

Subsea I&M Vessels
7 vessels in the Island Offshore fleet are in the segment Subsea I&M. The vessels perform a broad range of subsea related services and are equipped for worldwide operation.

Island Offshore

Island Offshore
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