Janusfabrikken AS

Wool/ProtexM antiflame, environment friendly underwear made for Norwegian forces.

The Janus plant was established in 1895 and is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of underwear. The factory at Espeland in Bergen has around 100 employees producing underwear and socks for children and adults. This is the only remaining factory of its kind in Norway. Janus is the market leader in Norway and their export share is on the increase. Janus is best known for its itch-free woollen garments, but the company’s quality cotton underwear is also very popular. Janus also produces large quantities of industrial underwear for domestic and international companies. These products are sold under the JanusPro brand name.

The company has set up offices in St. Petersburg, Russia and Borås, Sweden. The Janus brand name is sold to large chains and individual retailers selling textiles, sports and industrial products. The Janus factory also produces garments under the brand names Iris and Krone.

The company is enjoying a period of significant growth, and is increasing its market share both at home and on the export market.

Janusfabrikken AS is wholly-owned by Janus Holding AS.

Wool/ProtexM Cotton/ProtexM Underwear made for French air force pilots
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