Joptek Oy Composites

Professional in extreme conditions


Joptek Oy Composites is Finnish company producing solutions for marine industry. On of Joptek`s top products are composite floors for offshore wet units.

As part of the strong network of marine industry, Joptek Composites is a forerunner in composite technology, designing and manufacturing customer-oriented lightweight constructions. The functionality of our expertise and solutions has been tested in extreme conditions over the course of 25 years. Joptek is as much at home on North Sea oil rigs as on Caribbean cruise ships.


Joptek is an expert in many types of materials – laminates, metals, reinforced plastic, core materials and sandwich boards – and the optimisation and combining of their properties. Materials selection, structural design solutions and the functionality of the entire system can be reliably and efficiently ascertained.

Joptek Composites is familiar with the conditions and requirements of the marine industry – quality, reliability and cost efficiency are vital. Our comprehensive services extend from design and manufacture to installation, implementation and maintenance.


Kerantie 7-9, 81720 Lieksa, Finland
+358 20 7439 150
+358 13 523 710