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jotun marine coatings


Jotun Protects Property
Jotun is a global leader in paints and coatings with 70 companies and 38 production facilities on all continents. In addition Jotun has agents, branch offices and distributors in more than 80 countries. The business is conducted with loyalty, care, respect and boldness. Jotun Coatings is one of four divisions, with a global responsibility for marine and protective coatings.

Hull performance

Experience and innovation
Jotun was the first antifouling supplier who recognised the full potential of the silyl technology. More than 16 years experience from more than 6,000 vessels applied with our SeaQuantum range of products. Jotun has now taken the next step and launched the new innovative technology platform for our premium antifouling solution:

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jotun marine coatingsThe technology
Silyl methacrylate is the latest development in silyl technology. The new silyl methacrylate polymer with its uniform structure provides a highly predictable polishing pattern, which is the key to premium hull performance.

The increased performance and predictability enable us to provide a 5 years high performance guarantee through Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions. Jotun is proud to present a reliable and transparent method of measuring, quantifying and reporting the relationship between hull performance and fuel economy. With the confidence in our technology and our ability to measure hull performance, we can now offer an attractive fuel saving guarantee, which is valid for the full period between dry-dockings.


jotun marine coatings

Jotun Marine Coatings
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