Kammeradvokaten/Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith

Kammeradvokaten Advokatfirmaet Poul SchmithKammeradvokaten Advokatfirmaet Poul SchmithLegal Adviser to the State
Kammeradvokaten/Law firm Poul Schmith is one of Denmark’s largest and most versatile law firms. We employ approximately 340 people and our office is situated in the centre of Copenhagen, close to many of our clients.

We are charged with the task of Legal Adviser to the Danish Government and the State is thus our main client. In addition to this we advise a large number of companies, typically related to the public sector in Denmark, in areas where there are no conflicts of interest with the State.

Cases of public importance
The affairs of our public clients broadly cover every legal area of expertise. The professional organisation is divided into general, professional departments of law: taxation, insolvency, procurement and contract law, public law and litigation. Many of our briefs are of general public importance or have in other ways a perspective going beyond the case. And it is not least the broader perspectives on society, which make our work exciting.

Our cases are professionally wide-ranging: From questions of general public importance like e.g. whether it was unconstitutional to participate in the war in Iraq or whether our accession to the Treaty of Lisbon was against fundamental law, to questions concerning whether patients should be awarded the right to compensation in connection with injuries relating to medical negligence.

All cases are important to us – we turn every stone to secure the right outcome.

High quality and high client satisfaction
Because we at Kammeradvokaten (Legal Advisor to the Danish Government) work on cases that have high societal relevance and importance, we require that our employees are able to look further and see matters in a wider perspective. We enjoy a very high level of professional ethics in the company, of which we are proud.

To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, every two years Kammeradvokaten prepares a client satisfaction survey. The results for 2009 and 2011 are very positive, and the clients have rated Kammeradvokaten particularly highly on the following statements:

– High professionalism and quality
– Professional and informal
– Very high level of reliability and legitimising “aura”
-  Flexibility, willingness and quick response, when it matters

We are constantly working to ensure that we are reliable, committed and solution-orientated partners now and in the future.

As Legal Advisor to the Danish Government, we promise great responsibility, and we all pull together.

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