Karmøy Skipsconsult AS

Karmøy Skipsconsult AS was established in 1977 in Skudeneshavn. It is a versatile technical consultancy company involved with a number of different trades, such as:

  • The shipping industry including: offshore vessels, cargo vessels, fishing vessels, barges, etc.
    We make projections for rebuilding and repairs, and prepare drawings and specifications; perform stability calculations; offer consultancy with ship classifications; obtain prices; follow-up jobs as conversions, repairs, new buildings; etc.
  • Shipyards
    We deliver technical consultancy, construction and strength analysis, shop drawings, etc.
  • Offshore and onshore industry
    We prepare construction drawings, shop drawings and strength analysis, etc.

We have 10 employees, of which, 8 are machine engineers and naval architects, but in total we have a staff of 25 engineers at our disposal from both Norway and abroad.

Our customers include companies, such as:
Solstad Offshore; Deep Ocean; Westcon; Aasen Shipping; Hagland Shipping; Eide Marine Service; AF Decom; Møkster Shipping; Bukser og Berging; Falkeid Shipping; Fugro Rue AS; Hydro Aluminium Karmøy; Statoil Hydro; Skude Verft; and shipping companies along the entire coast of Norway.

Karmøy Skipsconsult AS
+47 52 84 60 00