KE-Burgmann Expansion Joints – the core product
KE-Burgmann’s core product is expansion joints – standard and bespoke designed and manufactured in a variety of fabric, metal and rubber materials. Expansion joints are flexible connections, which are installed in piping and ducting systems to accommodate thermal expansion and/or vibration caused by changes in temperature, pressure, media, etc.

KE® Fabric expansion joints take up movements in several directions simultaneously and have almost no reactive force. They need little space for installation and are easy to adapt to physical conditions. The choice of the right fabric expansion joint depends on a variety of factors of which only few would ever be identical from case to case.
Temperature range: -65 0C – +1200 0C (-85 0F – 2200 0F)
Pressure: From -35 to 35 kPag (from -5 to 5 psi)

KE-Burgmann offers a full range of Bredan® and EJS® metal expansion joints from standard off the shelf to highly engineered and complex FCCU type. We have a long history of welding and forming of special materials including a wide range of nickel alloys. KE-Burgmann offers complete documentation packages to the latest industry standards.
Temperature range: From -200 0C (-325 0F) up to 1400 0C (2500 0F)
Pressure: Full vacuum up to 14.000 kPag (2,000 psi)

The KE-Masterflex® high pressure rubber expansion joint is made from different qualities of rubber material designed to take up axial, lateral, angular and torsional movements along with vibrations.
Temperature range: From -40 0C (-40 0F) up to 160 0C (320 0F)
Pressure: Full vacuum to 2.500 kPag (360 psi)

Field Service – Reliability in operation
Servicing our customers is a vital part of KE-Burgmann’s core values. With KE-Burgmann you are guaranteed to benefit from many years of experience installing expansion joints within a wide range of industries and applications including offshore installations.

Safety first! – A priority for KE-Burgmann
Safe installation – the safety of all employees and personnel working on your installation is our greatest concern. Our offshore trained service team observes current safety policies and customer specific safety procedures. KE-Burgmann has service centres strategically located that can assist you in emergencies within 48 hours all over the world.

Quality and HSE – We care…
KE-Burgmann is committed to supply our customers with the high quality products and services. We are approved by Bureau Veritas according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2000 and also hold the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 environment, health & safety certifications.

Innovation – Reliability – Technology – Quality

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