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Company summary
Keliber Ltd is a Finnish exploration and near-term mining company owned by Finnish private investors and the Norwegian Nordic Mining ASA. Keliber aims to become the first company to produce high-purity lithium carbonate from spodumene in Europe. Company’s long-term goal is to produce 6 000 t of lithium carbonate per year, as allowed for under its existing environmental permit.

Keliber -towards the Lithium Economy

Project history
It has been known since the 1950’s that the area of Central Ostrobothnia in Finland has spodumene-bearing pegmatite occurences. Suomen Mineraali Ltd was the first company to explore the pegmatites in the area, and Keliber Ltd owes its origins to the work done by that company in the 1950s and 1960s.

Keliber has been exploring and developing spodumene-rich pegmatite deposits since the beginning of the century. It has a valid mining licence for a deposit in Ullava (Länttä) and several claims on other spodumene-bearing pegmatite deposits in the area of over 500 km2 that constitutes the lithium province of Central Ostrobothnia.

The company has JORC- compliant ore reserves comprising 2.65 Mt 1.12 % Li2O in three deposits, Länttä, Syväjärvi and Outovesi. Drillings at Syväjärvi during the winter and spring of 2013 added over five years to the company’s resources. Altogether the expected mine- life is ten years. All the company’s pegmatite deposits are easy to exploit with conventional open pit mining.

Keliber has developed a customized production process for the lithium deposits in the area. That is the most advanced and effective among the Best Available Techniques. It’s most important partner in developing the production process has been Outotec Finland Ltd.


2001-2008 Development of a new lithium carbonate production process, customized for the lithium deposits of Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.
2008 Nordic Mining becomes the main owner of Keliber.
2010 Discovery of the new, previously unknown Outovesi deposit.
2012 4 M€ equity financing for Keliber.
June 2013 Keliber more than doubles its ore reserves to over 2.6 Mt.
Aug 2013 Bulk sampling of 100 t by Keliber from the Länttä deposit for further enrichment and leaching tests.
Jan 2014 Company’s tender issued for Rapasaari lithium deposit accepted by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
Jan 2014 First phase of the DMS study completed.
Feb 2014 EIA programme completed for the new open pit lithium deposits.


> Several exploration targets, three lithium deposits with JORC-compliant ore reserves of over 2.6 Mt (0.5% Li2O cut-off)

> Further expansion of JORC -compliant resources possible

> Permit to produce 6 000 t of lithium carbonate per year

> Permits in place for production

> Battery-quality lithium carbonate (99.94%) in pilot production

Growth plans

Keliber aims to produce high battery-grade Li2CO3 (up to 99.99%) to meet the increasing need for this on the growing lithium market.

The company will continue its exploration programme and aims to locate and develop new lithium deposits by means of new drillings in order to secure the longest possible mine- life and running- age for its concentration plant. The company will run a project for the technological and economic optimization of the production process that it has developed.

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