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Kellve Sweden In cooperation with partners, or in direct contact with the customer, we offer specific solutions for the handling of bulk materials where belt conveyors are of significant importance.

As Sweden’s leading manufacturer of conveyors, we are well aware of the crucial role that operational reliability plays. In today’s modern industry there is no room for error. Quite the opposite in fact. It is not enough for operational reliability to be high – to ensure sound cost-effectiveness it has to be practically guaranteed.

With over 19000 units supplied since 1957 we not only know what works- but what doesn’t. This track record has made us a well-known resource for both small and large players in all kind of industries, as soon as there is a need of conveying material and goods. The combined experience we have gained over the years, gives us a unique opportunity to optimize each site with focus on the overall economics of material handling.

Belt conveyors
Ore, crusched rock, limestone, grain, waste, woodchips….. Regardless of what you want to carry and how, Kellve has the belt conveyor for you. In addition to our standard selection of belt widths ranging from 500 mm to 1600 mm, we are also able to manufacture belt conveyors based entirely on our customers’ needs. For us, size has never been an issue.

No matter what material you want to convey, our experienced technicians and service staff can assist with everything from feasibility to installation and commissioning. With full documentation and high level of service on wear and spare parts, we guarantee you a hassle-free operation.

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