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Knowsley2Knowsley SK Limited are renowned for the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative fire fighting systems for the protection of high value Oil, Gas & Petrochemical installations. We have an enviable reputation for fi nding the complete fire fighting solution which incorporates highly reliable systems & equipment for use in all manner of harsh environments.
Knowsley Products are manufactured and supplied into the -50ºC extremes of mid-winter in the Caspian region and also to the +60ºC summer heat of the Middle East.
Add over a century of expertise, continuous product development, plus the backing of a worldwide support network, and Knowsley SK is the fi rst choice for high-value asset protection, with optimum solutions that can be relied upon whenever danger strikes.

Knowsley3Nowhere do you need to be more self-reliant than on an offshore platform or FPSO, and of course that includes self-reliance in the event of fire. There’s no fire service in the vicinity to come to the rescue and this has a number of significant consequences. Fire fighting systems must work reliably and as automatically as possible. All equipment needs to be simple to operate so that the personnel present can use, maintain and repair this without problem. At the same time, the equipment has to withstand high levels of corrosion. The construction of an offshore platform poses specific problems for fire fighting systems, not only because many processes take place in a confined small surface area, but also because these processes are not spread horizontally, but vertically. Each platform level requires its own safety services. For example, the rooms in which personnel sleep and the helicopter platform have to be protected in different ways. Finally, there are space and weight limitations. Within all of these conditions Knowsley SK can offer you the best solution. We know the offshore world.

Deluge & Foam Skid Packages
Knowsley4At our factory in Manchester we have designed and built some of the largest and most technically complex deluge skid packages ever constructed. Working to the demanding specifications of our clients and with due deference to the environment to which these skids will be installed we now have a very extensive reference list for offshore projects around the globe. Of course the Knowsley portfolio also includes a well established product range including hydrants, fixed and oscillating monitors and the all new Turbinator foam proportioning device – the next generation in foam mixing technology.

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