Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS

With over 40,000 parts in stock, KCL has a range of products few can match. At the same time, nothing is left to chance when the company links up with suppliers.

Focuses on tools and hydraulics for
the offshore and industrial sectors.
KCL designs and produces customised valve blocks, and manufactures and installs hydraulic and industrial hoses.

KCL’s product portfolio consists of well known brands within the industrial and offshore sectors, which KCL markets with confidence and pride. KCL places an emphasis on product knowledge in order to offers its customers the best possible pre- and after-sales service.

KCL is one of Norway’s biggest providers of tool trolleys and tools. Its tool trolleys are the market leader in Norway, are designed for the professional market and are intended for daily use.

KCL imports and distributes quality tools, which also includes spark free tools. (Explosion protection after ATEX = ATmosphere EXplosible. ATEX 137).

KCL’s 45 years of experience as a supplier of hydraulic components and hydraulic units makes it one of the market’s most comprehensive suppliers. KCL’s strength is providing tailored solutions, adapted to the customer’s needs, from design to in house manufacture with the implementation of its own imported products.

KCL does all the work, from the preparation of a hydraulic flow diagram to fully tested valve blocks or hydraulic units.

Wide range of products
KCL constantly reinforces its role as a supplier to the offshore market through a wide range of products, high levels of expertise, and close contact with customers. KCL is a wholly Norwegian supplier with warehouses and distribution based in Norway, and offers nationwide delivery. It is well known for its excellent logistics.

KCL is ISO certified and a member of Green Dot Norway. The head office is in Asker and two departments in Horten and Ålesund respectively, as well as a nationwide sales unit.

KCL’s roots date back to 1906 when the company imported motor cars. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the country in its field, importing, marketing, and distributing tools, equipment, and components to onshore and offshore industries.

Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS
Røykenveien 70, NO-1386 Asker
+47 66 75 30 00