Kongsberg Devotek AS

Kongsberg Devotek – Independent multi technology provider and specialists in dynamic systems, actuators and drivelines.

Devotek is a leading independent technology provider. Our capability covers a wide range of technologies and services. Working for industries like defence, automotive, oil & gas, energy, maritime and telecom gives us a broad background for applying the state of the art solutions to many challenges.

Core competences are within areas linked to control of dynamic systems. More specifically it covers areas as driveline design and control within vehicles, ships, helicopters, including transmission design, actuators, electronic control design, sensors, hydraulics, clutch and brakes and much more.


Systems Engineering
Devotek known for its systematic approach to technical challenges as we complete development and technology projects according the Systems Engineering Approach. Complete understanding of the user requirements, thorough concept studies and technology bench marking, careful quality assured concept selection, prototyping and testing is all part of the Devotek methodically design processes.

Customer base and projects
Typical projects and branches are listed here:

Defence and Space area covers typical projects within control of high precision dynamic weapon and antenna platforms, turrets, weapon actuators, fixed and portable control panels, servo drives and controllers. It also covers capabilities as driveline and transmission design, including actuators and controls for systems ranging from helicopters, special 8×8 terrain vehicles, and ships propulsion systems. Solutions used by companies like Kongsberg, SAAB, BAE systems, Thales, RollsRoyce and more.

Automotive activities covers areas as different hybrid drive concepts, fully automated dual and single clutch transmissions, hydraulic and electric actuator, transmission and driveline controllers, suspension and special safety actuators. Solutions applied to OEMs like Toyota, VW, BMW, Audi, Renault, GM, Mercedes, Iveco, Ford, Mitsubishi and many more.

Oil & gas activities are mainly within special hydraulic and electromotoric actuators and controllers for extreme sub sea environments as high pressure, high temperature and vibration. Seismic sonar boy and air gun cluster control systems. Autonomous sea bed based drilling platforms and drilling “missiles”. Solutions used by AkerSolutions, FMC, Oceaneering, Rotator, Badger, Seabed rig, Kongsberg and more.

Energy sector is running projects within gas turbine and power plant design, windmill drivelines, geothermal power plants and work is done for companies like Dresser Rand, Kongsberg Innovation, Angle Wind and others.

Maritime activities covers systems like advanced dynamic winch design and control, general deck machinery, hydraulics, propulsion, azipod design, transmissions and actuators. CFD and FEA dynamic studies of hull structures, drives and other underwater elements.

Testing and design support for gas turbine/water jet drives for high speed mine hunting vessels. Customers are typically RollsRoyce, Huse, Axess, Norsafe, AkerSolutions, UMOE, Kongsberg and shipbuilders.

Starting of some 30 years ago as a small team inside the most advanced Norwegian company at the time (Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk) working with driveline actuators for commercial vehicles Devotek has developed into a high technology provider supporting larger companies in several branches to bring ever more sophisticated products to a more competitive market.

Based in Kongsberg, one of the technological capitol of Norway, Devotek’s cross-disciplinary expertise has enabled the successful development of solutions for a wide range of industrial environments – from the ocean floor to outer space. As partners in process, customers can call upon experts in the fields of:

• Mechanical, electronic and software specification, design and testing
• Advanced materials
• Control systems design, testing and analysis
• Mathematics and applied physics
• Prototyping and validation programs
• Safety evaluation and quality control

Kongsberg Devotek AS
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