Kongsberg Norcontrol IT

Supplier of Collision Avoidance, Safety and Security Solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT designs, develops and supplies integrated solutions utilising above and below water sensors, including radar, AIS, sonar and cameras to provide optimum surveillance for safety and security around the installation. Systems are supplied for single platform or FPSO, or expanded into a fully networked solution covering all assets within the field, including sub-sea pipelines. Control centres are located offshore or onshore.

Kongsberg Norcontrol ITCollision Avoidance

  • Automatic early warning of collision threat from approaching vessels
  • Comprehensive alarm suite with escalating levels of alarms
  • Configured in accordance with company process and safety routines.

Logistics Management

  • Tracking of own company assets
  • Movements and route planning
  • Management and invoicing of chartered supply vessels.

Field Security

  • Automatic warning of entry into the field, by unauthorised small craft
  • Violation of the safety zone around a platform
  • Guards against higher level threats from swimmers and underwater craft.

Optional Modules

  • MOB (Man Overboard) and Search and Rescue Coordination
  • Recording and time synchronised playback of all data, for analysis, training and for use in disputes
  • Alerting and tracking of oil slicks.

Our installations provide security and safety for the offshore fields of some of the world’s largest oil companies for over 25 years.

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT
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