Königs Winger

Konigs_winger_01The fortress has been a place of great decisions through 330 years. Now it is ready for new major decisions.

By conducting a conference at Königs Winger you are guaranteed a unique frame that will be a part of you when you leave. You get a fortress to yourself. We have all the facilities you need and can customize whatever you desire.

Capacity Conference: 2-90. The capacity can be expanded by supplementing with one of our other hotels as well.

Königs Winger is in Kongsvinger – the City of Kings. The city Kongsvinger is located in South-Hedmark in the deep woods right on the border to Sweden. Although the city is surrounded by tall trees, the fortress is located on a breezy top with Glomma as a natural moat on three sides. Nearby you will find many outdoor adventures, historic sites (from the Bronze Age) and activities waiting. You get here easily by taking the train or bus. Both have hourly departures from Oslo.

Østre Solørveg 6, NO-2211 Kongsvinger
+47 62 00 10 10
+47 62 81 70 35