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From Local Forge in Norway To An Multinational Group

The climate and landscape of Norway’s south western region is harsh and unforgiving, making farming in this area both diffi cult and challenging. Despite this, hard working men and women have transformed this area into one of the most productive agricultural regions in Norway. Kverneland Group has made its own contribution to agricultural development in the region throughout the years. Experience gained in such a tough environment has been invaluable to Kverneland Group’s rise to becoming one of the world’s leading supplier of implements to the professional farming community.

Kverneland: the future of farming

Kverneland: the future of farming


The history of Kverneland Group dates back to 1879 when the founder, Ole Gabriel Kverneland, built his small forge in the village of Kvernaland, 25 km outside of Stavanger, Norway. He named his business “O.G. Kvernelands Fabrik” and started to manufacture scythes, the start of a global sales and distribution of Kverneland ploughs today.

Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services. Strong focus on innovation allows us to provide a unique and broad product range with high quality. Kverneland Group offers an extensive package aimed at the professional farming community, covering the areas of soil preparation, seeding, forage and bale equipment, spreading, spraying and electronic solutions for agricultural tractors and machinery.


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Kverneland: the future of farming

Kverneland Group
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