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Labtium Labtium can provide a wide range of analytical and expert services to support the mining and mineral exploration companies from exploration and development stage to mine production and environmental monitoring.

Labtium is the only laboratory in the Nordic Countries providing locally comprehensive sample preparation and analytical services for exploration and mining.

The laboratory has been accredited since 1994 and probably the first laboratory in the world with accreditation scope covering also the commercial geological assays. Our processes and methods are also complying with accepted, best practices methods including well documented and traceable QA/QC-protocols and participation in laboratory proficiency tests.

As we are working close to our clients we can together tailor the whole testing plan to fulfil as well as possible the particular requirements of specified mineralization type.

Versatile analytical methods
Labtium can provide versatile sample preparation methods for soils, sediments, vegetation and rock samples.

Analytical packages are available for geochemical exploration and environmental geochemistry, precious metal assays, base metal assays, U- and iron- ore assays and high quality whole rock analyses. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FAAS and GFAAS, XRF, SC-analyzers and Hg-analyzers.

For base metal and iron ore exploration and assaying we can offer various sample decomposition methods:
• Aqua regia digestion for geochemical samples and assays
• Multi-acid digestions for geochemical samples and assays
• Sodium peroxide fusion for refractory and high grade ores and concentrates
• XRF-analysis for petrology, industrial minerals and assays.
• Phase and mineral selective leaches.

For precious metals analysis Aqua regia digestion and Fire Assay are most commonly used methods. Additionally NiS -Fire assay for all the PGE’s is included in our methods. For coarse grained gold cyanide leach by PAL1000-machine is available. Up to 1kg sample can be used to ensure better representativity.

Process control analyses
Labtium can also provide full range of services for mining. In addition to the preparation and analyses of exploration and grade control samples, we analyse process samples from different stages of the ore processing from feeds to tails including independent commercial and umpire analysis of the final products. Labtium can provide a wide range of analytical methods to cover different types of materials and commodities with challenging matrixes.

Services for environmental monitoring
For environmental monitoring Labtium can provide a full scope of laboratory services. Analysis of surface and ground waters, vegetation, sediments, impact filters etc. A full range a leaching test to characterise e.g. mining wastes and side products is also available.

Emphasis on sample preparation
Sample preparation has been traditionally carried out manually which involves inherent risks on maintaing consistent quality. In exploration and resource evaluation the size of field samples have also increased with the increasing awareness of the complexity to attain a representative laboratory sample.

Labtium has recognised these problems and the solution to improve the quality of sample preparation was automation of the whole sample preparation for rock samples. We were among the first geolaboratories to implement robotic sample preparation.

Through the use of a totally automated sample preparation system several benefits are attained:

• The consistency (accuracy/repeatability) of the process is something that can never be attained in manual sample preparation.
• Nearly complete elimination of human errors
• Maintaining the sample representativity during the whole process of reduction of particle and sample size up to 10 kg samples.
• Contamination control (loss of fines, segregation of materials, cross contamination from previous sample etc.).

Mining laboratory services
Labtium can design laboratory premises, methods and processes, train the staff and help during the start-up period of the mine and mill. If the mining company wants focus on its core business, the whole laboratory service can be outsourced to Labtium either on-site or through our comprehensive laboratory network. Our laboratory network will also service as a back-up or provide selected assays to complement the assaying requirements for the in-house mining laboratory.

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