Landskrona Stål AB

About Us:
Landskrona Stål AB, the small company with huge possibilities. Our ambition is to carry out all repair work both at our own shipyard in Helsingborg and on board ships in operation. Our geographical location is completely unique in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes ”The Strait of Öresund”.

A well-developed network of highly qualified sub-suppliers and partners.

Landskrona Stål AB, started in 1981 as one of the companies that was formed after the closure of Öresundsvarv in Landskrona. On 1 February 2005 Landskrona Stål AB took over and started running the business activities that Fartygsmekano formerly ran at Varvet in Helsingborg. Landskrona Stål AB is owned by Allan Sternberg, who was one of the initiators of the restart of Öresundsvarvet in 2003.

Landskrona Stål AB’s competence is in ship building and repairing, pipes, rigs, blasting and painting, electronics, machines and construction.

We have a dry dock 112 x 16 m and crane capacity of 40 tons, 6 tons.

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Landskrona Stål AB
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