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Lauridsen Industri and Valves

Valves are a key and robust tool for isolating and regulating flow. Within the area, Knife gate and butterfly valves are our largest products. A long-standing trade with Europe’s leading manufacturers ensures that we are always up to date with innovation and product development.

We will always be able to supply our customers with the latest news and offer the best and most optimal products. Today we import all types of quality valves and can therefore offer valves that meet extensive industrial applications in diverse and various operating conditions.

Hydraulic or electric actuators

If the valves to be operated automatically, Lauridsen Industri can offer pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators with auxiliary equipment as positions, solenoid valve, limit switches etc. depending on the task.

Please contact Lauridsen Industri sales or product department and get a professional guidance in the design and selection of the correct valve.

We always ensure that you get the best product for your application.

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