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Miniaturisation and Engineering Expertise

Since 1948, The Lee Company has pioneered the development of miniature, precision fluid control components for down-hole oil tools and subsea equipment in addition to its traditional markets within the aerospace industry.

Lee’s unique capabilities in miniaturisation and engineering expertise keep the company at the forefront of fluid flow technology. In addition to the range of blanking plugs, restrictors, check valves, relief valves, directional flow controls and shuttle valves, some unique products were specifically developed for oil tool applications.

Lee Products

AFO Plugs
AFO (Axial Force Only) plugs feature a floating seal that self-aligns to allow for threaded holes that are not concentric with the through hole. As a result of the plug’s two-piece construction, the seal does not rotate during installation, thus preventing galling of the seat. Standard A.F.O. plugs are manufactured from corrosion resistant 303 and 15-5 stainless steel and do not require O-rings or sealants. They are designed to withstand pressures up to 60,000 psi and temperatures to 600°F and are also available in NACE compliant materials.

Dual Sealing AFO Plugs
This version of the AFO plug incorporates an O ring for additional sealing and is designed to vent air from a product when filling it with hydraulic oil or to release trapped high pressure gas from an activated down-hole pyrotechnic tool when brought to the surface. Secondary retention of the plug in the manifold can be provided by a circlip which prevents the plug from being removed completely from the manifold, thus safely protecting the operator during the gas venting process.

Solenoid Valves
Miniature piloting solenoid valves have been developed for use in subsea control pods and completion tools. Solenoid valves with an outside diameter reduced to the same as an AA cell, 0.550”, have also been designed for use in down-hole tools to meet stringent packaging requirements.

NACE Compliant High Pressure Check Valves
A range of high pressure check valves, ideally suited for chemical injection applications, has been designed in NACE compliant materials from 0.125” to 0.500” diameter to handle 15,000psid

NACE Compliant Relief Valves
A range of .281” diameter relief valves has been designed in NACE compliant materials with cracking pressures from 80 to 5,900psid.

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