Lifandis AS is the only organisation that is dedicated to life science industry research involving Norwegian biobanks. The research is aiming at the development of modern (personalized) health care products for the benefit of donors and society.

The company was established in 2007 as HUNT Biosciences AS by NTNU, Nord-Trøndelag County and Central Norway Health Authority, with the specific purpose of being a professional interface between the HUNT bio/data bank and industry. The company name was changed to Lifandis AS early 2014 as part of an expanding national strategy.

Lifandis provides services that include data and biological material from the HUNT studies depicted below, linked to a range of health and disease registries as well as medical records:

The databank and biobank offers significant
benefits for the industry customer:

•     Population based data from 125 000 individuals

•     Repeated over 30 years

•     Over 6000 disease, life style and environmental variables

•     Biological samples in state of the art ISO certified biobank

•     600+ peer reviewed scientific papers from the cohort

•     Access to national and regional registries to complement the data set

Lifandis has a dual mission embedded in the fact that the company is commercial in its outlook, and is set up to serve the global life science industry within its field of business while the company is also based on the ethical platform that the HUNT Studies constitute.

In this respect the most important factor is the trust and continued support from the population of donors. This has sometimes been described as a contradiction in terms.

The strategic positioning of Lifandis and the day-today operation of the company have been managed seamlessly to obtain these two objectives in concert.

To become a long-term credible player in its market, Lifandis will take control of larger parts of customer projects. We will harvest from bigger portions of the project value by providing both statistical and publication services.

We will move from being a “sample provider” to an “information & knowledge provider”. This will be done by recruiting and growing our own competence within advanced data-management, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Lifandis has invested in a significant rampup of the marketing and business development efforts since late 2012, focusing on large pharma, diagnostics and biomarker companies.

We offer advanced services within three main areas of biomarker development, drug discovery and epidemiology.

Lifandis has received a strong proof-of-concept that its services has a relevance in that its first client, SomaLogic Inc., is performing a novel CVD biomarker panel validation study based on HUNT data. Adding to this, several other large and mid sized pharma companies have signed or are in the process of negotiating large research contracts with Lifandis.

Going forward, Lifandis will include additional Norwegian biobanks in its service offering. The first to join the inventory is the Regional Research Biobank (RFB) situated at St. Olav Hospital.

Lifandis has initiated dialogs with the key decision players in the Biobank-Norway consortium and with other biobank/registry stakeholders. It is our aim that other regional and national biobanks will join through strategic alliances.

Expanding our inventory is important. Through supplementary resources to the HUNT Study, Lifandis will gain significantly higher market visibility and momentum as well as business opportunities through a broader service offering.


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