Integrated Life Science and Research with a Focus on the Nervous System

Closing the gap between university research and business – this is the rationale behind the biomedical and neuroscientific technology platform LIFE&BRAIN. In academia, translational developments frequently get stuck at an early stage because insufficient know-how and lack of financial resources prevent the development of a “proof of concept” required for further downstream commercialization and market entry.
Located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Bonn NeuroCentre, LIFE&BRAIN acts as revolving door between academic research and industry. Innovative research results are recognized early and developed further into marketable biomedical products and services. Scientific excellence, market-oriented translational research and plans for spinoffs grow together in a networked structure supported by creative external collaborations.

As a centre of innovation, LIFE&BRAIN features a unique structure in Germany’s translational research landscape.
Spread across four R&D platforms covering different topics, more than 300 employees work together under one roof. Novel approaches are typically conceived by academic staff. The LIFE & BRAIN GmbH then supports them to further develop their ideas towards commercialization – ideally up to their own spin-off within a dedicated incubator segment. This translational pull-through within the same organization and infrastructure creates a particularly dynamic atmosphere. Young scientists can explore their entrepreneurial ambitions without abandoning their academic environment while benefiting from LIFE&BRAIN’s flexible support in legal, IPR and business-related matters – everything always on a direct route.

Integrating our unique set of expertise in Cellomics, Genomics, Transgenics and Neurocognition LIFE&BRAIN aims at delivering the next generation of products for disease modeling and prediction, compound development and tissue regeneration.

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Business Units

Decoding the human genome has opened-up great new perspectives for understanding the causes of disease as well as the diagnosis and therapy. The LIFE & BRAIN Genomics platform is one of the leading service providers for all types of microarray experiments using Illumina and Affymetrix technology in Europe and has a long standing experience in high throughput generation of “omics” data from biomaterial of humans as well as model organisms. Having a close collaboration with the excellent and internationally renowned scientists from the Institute of Human Genetics, LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is continuously developing new applications and pipelines for state of the art interpretation of these “omics” data.
Thus the combination of technological know-how and scientific excellence make LIFE&BRAIN Genomics the perfect partner for academic and commercial research.

Our key fields of expertise are:
• nucleic acid extraction from blood and tissues
• quality control and permanent storage of biomaterials in our in-house biobank
• genome-wide and targeted genotyping
• expression profiling
• methylation analysis
• bioinformatics

Stem cells provide fascinating tools for disease-related research, compound development and tissue generation. A particular focus of the Cellsolutions unit is the derivation of human pluripotent stem cell-based highly purified neuronal, glial and microglial cell types. We have implemented state of the art reprogramming technologies that permit the generation of ‘induced’ pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from the patients’ own tissues. ES and iPS cell-derived neurons and glia enable the study of molecular pathomechanisms and therapeutic compounds directly in disease-relevant human cell types. Our cellular products can be utilized for cell-based disease modeling, identification of new drug targets and screening applications.
Furthermore, we are addressing the unmet need of process standardization and automation for the robust production of hiPS cell-based disease models with industrial scale and standards. In particular we consult, develop and support customized solutions for the industrialization of human pluripotent stem cell-based applications. We offer complementary genomic services including molecular karyotyping and expression profiling of differentiated stem-cell-based cell types.

Provides consulting and research services in the domains of marketing, risk management and health behavior by building on insights in human decision making processes.
We apply state-of-the art implicit and explicit methods, including functional MRI, eye-tracking and behavioral assessment, customized to the specific needs of our clients. Our results provide a comprehensive, neuroscience-based view on the effectiveness of measures in marketing, brand management, customer-relations or governance structures.
We provide a perfect combination of internationally recognized scientific excellence and experience in commercial applications.

Cellsolutions -  phone: +49 228 6885 472
Genomics -  phone: +49 228 6885 400
Neuroeconomics – phone: +49 228 6885 260

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