LifeAssays AB

– Complete Point-of-care System

LifeAssays® is a Swedish diagnostic company focused on providing accurate and affordable point-of-care diagnostic testing for veterinarians, community health centers and primary physicians based on our unique patented point-of-care technology platform.

LifeAssays® AB was founded in 2000 and listed on the Nordic Growth Market stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden since 2003. LifeAssays is committed to helping people and their pets to live longer and healthier lives by providing innovative solutions for early disease detection and prevention. Our mission is to accomplish this by providing a system that is Rapid, Easy to use, Accurate and Convenient.

The LifeAssays® Complete Point-of-care solution offers a new alternative for POC testing utilizing the unique and patented magnetoimmunoassay (MIA) technology. The system is based on small, nano-size magnetic particles and composes of two parts; a wet chemistry reagent in the assays vial where the immunoreaction takes place and an analytical instrument, the Reader, for quantification and measuring. The two are connected with a disposable algorithm chip the “one computer chip”, containing all analytic specific data, as well as, a self-executable calculation algorithm. The “one computer chip” is the key of the LifeAssays® POC system and locks the LifeAssays® Reader to the LifeAssays® reagents. The chip is inserted into the reader when a new reagent kit is opened and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit is disposed of. Upgrades are easily provided with each new reagent kit.

This point-of-care platform is the foundation of LifeAssays® and the technology is developed at Lund University, Sweden.

Today LifeAssays® is a growing diagnostic company with in-house development, manufacturing and market & sales. Sales of LifeAssays products are done through distribution networks where strong partners are identified and signed in order to ensure a fast and effective instrument placement and market penetration. Currently LifeAssays is established in, among others, Scandinavia, Asia, USA, Spain, France, Turkey and parts of Asia and are actively working on expanding the sales area. The aim is to become a market leading POC manufacturer and the focus is on continuous market growth and to develop more point-of-care tests to be used on the unique platform to offer the veterinary and human diagnostic market state-of-the-art products and make early treatment decisions possible.


Sölvegatan 43 A, SE-223 70 Lund
+46 46 286 54 00