Light Craft Design Group


Your partner in advanced marine design and development

Light_Craft_Design_Group1Light Craft Design Group was established 1999 as the hub for an international network of companies specialized in ship design with special focus on light weight and efficient solutions. LDG is set up to provide engineering service for a complete ship. The competent staff gives LDG the power to assist you in all phases of a design task. We provide you with a complete package or assist you wherever help is required.

Light Craft Design Group is a unique engineering consulting company, specializing in innovative, reliable and cost effective mechanical engineering solutions for projects of any magnitude. Our group has many years of experience from participating in projects in a wide range from “brain storming” to finished product.
LDG provides prompt and complete what is required by the customer, at reasonable cost due to our efficient team structure and minimized overhead.


Light Craft Design Group
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