Light Structures AS

Light Structures AS was founded in 2001 and evolved as a spin-of from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. The company is enjoying a steady growth in the shipping and oil & gas markets and is today the worlds leading provider of fiber optic hull stress and other structure monitoring systems. Through close relations with customers, yards and leading classification societies Light Structures is constantly aiming at increasing the end- user value. Our main office is located in Oslo and solutions are sold through a dedicated net of partners and agents worldwide.

Light_Structures_02 Some advantages of Light Structures’ Fiber Bragg Grating technology:

SAFETY – Fiber optic Hull Stress Monitoring systems can be configured with absolutely no electrical components in hazardous areas. The low optical power means the system is intrinsically safe and waterproof, there is no chance of short circuits.

RELIABILITY – Fiber optic solutions are neutral to electromagnetic disturbance and provides a stable, high quality signal. The system adjusts to temperature changes. Well-tested sensors perform flawlessly without service, year after year.

ACCURACY – Measurements are made using the wavelength of light. This provides high signal precision and fast response over long distances without any loss of data accuracy.

COST EFFICIENCY – There is a small cost premium compared to alternative systems at the procurement stage, but this is countered through an almost non- excitant maintenance cost, which gives a substantially lower system life-cycle cost.

FLEXIBILITY – Sensors can be mounted on deck, on girders, submerged in ballast or cargo tanks or in void spaces. Systems can be confi gured in basic systems with only four strain sensors, or expanded to include fatigue monitoring sensors in the waterline, sensors in the bow for ice monitoring or local sensors for sloshing monitoring on tank walls. Each system is customized and tailored to the hull’s structure and the customer’s needs.



Light Structures AS
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