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To perform a shunt surgery or not – that is the question!
The solution is found with the Likvor CELDA® System

A large variety of illnesses origin from a dysfunctional cerebrospinal fluid system (CFS). Patients suffering from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) carrying symptoms like gait disturbance, incontinence and imbalance. Likvor CELDA® System differentiate between patients with treatable NPH and those with forms of dementia. NPH is an under diagnosed disease today and only one of five patients get the correct diagnose. Up to 10% of patients previously diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia could in fact be suffering from NPH. Many of those patients could be helped by undergoing shunt surgery. Likvor CELDA® System is a CE-marked system that sets new standard into diagnosis of CFS related disorder and shunt function. The Likvor CELDA® Instrument and associated consumable (a single-use sterile tube set) provides a solution to the pressing need for accurate differential diagnosis of ageing related and other CSF dynamics related neurological conditions. The Likvor CELDA® System includes the instrument, disposable tools, a special designed bed and software.

The Likvor CELDA® System has already been distributed to hospitals in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Clinical benefits with LIKVOR CELDA® SYSTEM
    Get a better diagnosis of your patients CSF dynamics
    Objective, standardized and automated methods
    Simplifies diagnostics of CSF disorders
    Shunt diagnostics, testing shunt functionality in existing shunts
    Reduces number of shunt-reoperations
    Easy to operate with user-friendly interface

Likvor AB is the developer and the manufacturer of Likvor CELDA® System. Likvor AB is seeking distributors/partners to build global expansion with maintained high quality, service and support offered to the customers.


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