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lk marconovaLK Marconova AB is an independent marine consultant company which provides total marine claims management to Scandinavian and international marine underwriters. We also assist ship owners, charterers and managers as well as ports, transport companies and the export/import industry. We are the Lloyd’s agents in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö since 1 of June 2009. We are a part of the Krogius Group of Companies, with offices in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic region, as well as Belarus and Ukraine.

Team Marinaut – Surveys
Following the merger of LK Marconova and Marinaut in 2006, it was decided to further specialize LK Marconova’s different departments. To make the division clearer, LK Marconova’s survey department regrouped in a separate company under the name of Marinaut. Marinaut’s main clients are domestic and international P&I clubs and H&M underwriters, either directly or via a general Swedish representative, national and international law firms, dry- and liquid cargo charterers, cargo- and transport liability underwriters, ship owners and time charterers. Marinaut have also since 1990 been entrusted to carry out SIRE Vetting Inspections on oil tanker vessels.

Team Marinaut have surveyors based in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö who mainly focus on domestic assignments, but are also available for assignments that require their specific expertise in the rest of the world.

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Team Hull
LK Marconova AB’s Team Hull consists of people with nautical, legal and marine insurance backgrounds, making an ideal mix for total claims management. When it comes to H&M, we provide services to the whole range of the market, including underwriters, brokers or shipowners. For example:

  • Underwriters use us as their first point of contact and we are named on the policy.
  • Brokers use us to assists their client in their discussions with underwriters.
  • Shipowners use us to assemble a General Account before underwriters or to provide claims management services for claims below deductible or outside the scope of their insurance cover.

The following areas are further examples of our services:

  • Claims Management
  • Legal Advice
  • Loss Adjusting
  • Liability Investigations
  • Particular Averagelk marconova lloyds agency
  • Policy Advice

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