LNS Group

The LNS group consists of 16 companies and several of these are engaged in mining. LNS is Northern Norway’s largest contractor and among the leading tunnel contractors in Norway. The company is specialised in resolving demanding projects in places with difficult logistics.


The core activity include road, tunnel construction and mining operations. The company own several mines, and is also the operating contractor for a number of mining companies.

Domestic and international projects
In recent years LNS has been involved in a number of major projects. The company has participated in developing Lofoten’s road link to the mainland LOFAST, modernising several power stations for Statkraft, and constructing a new export port for iron ore pellets in Narvik, among other projects. LNS has also been responsible for building the UN’s Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

The company has broad experience with work outside Norway’s boundaries, with projects on Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and in the Antarctic. LNS has also founded a separate company in Chile, and in the winter of 2014 a large tunnel project is being completed in Hong Kong. Through the subsidiary LNS Spitsbergen AS (LNSS), LNS has a high level of activity on Svalbard. The latest project is The Aappaluttoq Ruby Mine Project, in Greenland which is carried out through LNS Greenland A/S who will be responsible for infrastructure works and later on for the mining operations.

LNS Spitsbergen A/S
LNS Spitsbergen has a unique expertise in rough conditions in the arctic. Several years experiences in Arctic and Antarctic has given the company unique skills in such as logistics, transport and contracting in these extreme conditions. The company did projects in Antarctic at the Norwegian Troll station and at Bharati for the Indian Polar Institute. LNS also did projects on the Bouvet Island, Beeren Island, the Island of Hopen and the Island of Jan Mayen.

LNS Greenland A/S
LNS Greenland (LNSG) is a Greenlandic Contracting Company with offices in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and Qaqortoq in South Greenland. The Company is owned by the Norwegian LNS Group (90, 4 %) and Greenland Venture A/S (9, 6 %)

The Company is specialized in the minerals industry and offers a wide range of professional services to domestic and foreign companies working in Greenland. The Company provides turn-key solutions as well as specific services within traditional contracting, construction, diamond drilling, rock blasting, marine operations, diving, camp solutions, catering, consulting, logistics and various other tasks.

Quartzite quarry in North Norway
Austertana is home to one of the largest quartzite quarries in the world. LNS is under contract with Elkem Tana to extract quartzite for the ferrosilicon industry worldwide. The quarry is located at c. 350 metres a.s.l., which is considered alpine this far north. The access road from the quarry to the quay facility has a gradient of 1:7, which is highly demanding on both crew and equipment. The quartzite is transported from the quarry to the crushing mill 40 metres above sea level. This transport road is described by equipment manufacturers as the “world’s toughest”.


Rana Gruber
Rana Gruber is one of Norway’s largest companies in mining and iron ore beneficiation and one of the key companies in the area of Nordland in Norway. The company is owned by Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner AS (LNS). The products are based on our own natural mineral resources, upgraded and tailored for applications and are exported to customers worldwide. We serve primarily steel producers and the chemical industry. Our subsidiary RG Mineral AS, supplies the various specialty products to paint manufacturers and building- and automotive industries. With our 260 employees we mine currently 4.4 million tons of iron ore corresponding to 1.5 million tons of iron ore concentrates (hematite and magnetite) and specialty products.

Skaland GraphiteGraphite mining at Skaland began around 1932 on a vein-type crystalline graphite deposit embedded in a rock formation 800 million years old. Skaland Graphite was taken over by LNS in 2003, and the company opened a new deposit in 2007 with proven reserves of 1,700,000 tonnes of high-grade graphite ore. Modern mining techniques and a new dressing plant at the shore of the fjord guarantee a consistent production of “SilvershineTM” products, which are exported to customers in Central Europe. Today, Skaland Graphite is the last remaining producer of crystalline graphite in Europe, with an annual capacity of up to 10,000 tonnes of flake and micro-flake powder graphite.


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