LSM Pumps

LSM Pumps A LSM Peristaltic hose pump provides a guarantee on a product of the highest quality! Since 1993 we have been producing the highest quality peristaltic pumps and we deliver to satisfied customers around the world.

In contrast to conventional pumps, the transporting of products with high solids content and acidity is not a problem for a LSM pump.With the world’s largest range from 10mm to 200mm LSM pumps are suitable for each task.

The advantages of a LSM pump are the following:
– LSM pumps can easily handle thickener underflow slurries with up to 80% solids
– Much less water consumption
– The hose is the only wearing part, because it’s the only part that comes into contact with the medium (low maintenance cost)
– LSM pumps are self-priming and tolerate dry running
– Half of energy consumption than other manufacturers by use of large rolls instead of rotating shoes
– No problems with large objects
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LSM Pumps LSM Pumps LSM Pumps
LSM Pumps
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