Luleå University of Technology

Luleå Universitetet

offers collective research expertise within mining and minerals

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) offers a unique, collective research expertise along the entire mining and minerals chain – from exploration, mining, concentration, metal production and industrial operation and maintenance to remediation after mine closure.

Many different subject areas bring broad-ranging expertise to the field, supporting and contributing to the strong position our research has today.

Our research is at the international forefront, and we pursue development in close cooperation with an extensive global research network. Our success has much to do with the fact that our research is closely associated with the Swedish mining, mineral and metal industry.

In the mining sector the demand for technical development, research and education has over the last years increased dramatically. The participation of industry is a necessary condition for securing relevant research with high-quality results.

As part of an extensive global research network, we have long been a member of the international mining, minerals and metallurgy community.

LTU also offers three 5 year MSc programmes (Civil Engineering, Natural Resources Engineering and Industrial Environmental and Process Engineering) as well as three international 2 years MSc programmes (Mining and Geotechnical Engineering, Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering and Exploration and Environmental Geosciences) within the area.

Luleå University of Technology
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