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Luminell AS is a provider of premium visibility solutions for demanding environments. Luminell’s focus is to solve challenges connected to powerful illumination and to increase safety, efficiency and profitability for its customers. Luminell has developed the RLX series LED floodlights, and has delivered visibility to several offshore vessels, fishing vessels, large onshore and offshore cranes, drilling rigs, industry areas and many others.


The RLX floodlight series has been developed for outstanding performance in the most demanding environments. Sealed, solid and compact construction, powerful light distribution and excellent thermal design are all features that cause it to be a long lasting and reliable light source.

Premium light quality, no maintenance and low total cost of ownership keeps crew and ship owners satisfied. The RLX series is high quality LED floodlights designed and manufactured in Scandinavia. No compromises have been made.

The Luminell-team looks forward helping new and existing customers to solve problems and fulfill demanding requirements for the floodlight needs.


Luminell simply bright reliable floodlight solutions

Full standby rescue illumination

Aft maindeck on AHTS

        60m to 140m high tower crane




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