Smile Incubator

Smile Incubator is ideally situated to help early stage companies build on the strengths of the region’s entrepreneurial culture and rich research and development resources. We are around the corner from medical centers, Lund University and outstanding infrastructures such as MAX IV, Lund Nano Lab and, soon, ESS. This core, combined with our support, represents a pro-start-up environment of great growth potential. To better equip entrepreneurs for success, Smile Incubator provides an environment for growth in a network of hungry start-up companies sharing a common goal of success, as well as business development support and advice. Along with infrastructure and business resources, Smile also provides companies access to laboratories and a core facility with a large number of key development instrumentation.

What are the criteria for membership?

Entrepreneurs and start-ups must have a marketable and scalable business concept within the broader life science and health sector, including market categories such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech, digital-health, nanotech or functional foods. The international market potential must be strong enough to meet our objective of achieving growth and new job opportunities. Creating successful businesses is demanding, challenging and rewarding. The team must be determined and ambitious.

What’s the atmosphere like?

All incubator companies are highly focused and eager to succeed. People are sharp, very generous with shared experiences and ready to help each other succeed. It’s amazing to see how lunch-hour discussions can bring about internal collaborations and new business deals with a growing international customer base. We have reached a critical mass of companies, making such win-win situations possible and frequent.


Breeding ground for successful development and growth

Once you become a member at Smile, you have access to the help you need to develop and commercialize your idea. Lifescience entrepreneurs, innovators and developers can profit from the knowledge and experience of the Smile team, and also from other incubator companies. As part of Smile, you have access to our greatest resource- the individuals that make up the incubator companies, our sponsors and our team.

Tailored management coaching

The Smile team is specialized in life science business coaching, providing qualified assistance during the first critical years, when the business risk is at its peak. Coaching is tailored according to each member’s needs and includes business development and management guidance and perspective. Smile also has a network of renowned partners and sponsors that provide expert services for start-ups within the fields of business intelligence, intellectual property rights, law, finance and clinical research.

Excellent core facilities and support

One of the unique features at Smile is our core facilities. In addition to the fully furnished offices and conference rooms, incubator members have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, as well as experienced science and laboratory support.
The common instrument labs cover most life science applications. Members can do advanced lab work, such as cell and bacteria cultivation, protein analysis and fluorescence microscopy. If needed, members are trained in rules, regulations and the use of lab equipment. The quality level of both the core facilities and the people leveraging them significantly raises the overall competence level at Smile to the advantage of all members.

Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, SE-223 81 Lund
+46 (0)73 4000 433