M & K Dokumentasjon AS


M & K Dokumentasjon AS is specialized in technical support for establishing of technical documentation. We have a framework agreement for documentation services for the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization and with Wintershall Norge, an exploration company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Examples of services we perform:
• Booklet production, UD6-81 (booklets about Winter Service in English edition).
• Parallel publication from XML, UD2-1 (Safety Regulations for the Norwegian Army) where we, in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces. We revise and update the digital version quarterly and produce a new paper edition for use every second year. UD2-1 is published in both Norwegian and English. The same source is used for both web and paper edition.
• We contribute to update documentation for all Coast Guard Vessels, Nansen Class frigate and SB90 Combat 90N.
• We have been logistical support provider for producing technical manuals, system manuals and ship books for Vard Langsten in connection with Navy vessels delivered to the Norwegian Armed Forces.
• We also offer editing of 2D drawings in raster and CAD using PixEdit, Autocad and Microstation.
• We have experience with various Document Management systems such as SAP, IFS, Corena Suite for S1000D, WebTek and STID.

M & K Dokumentasjon AS is as a fi rm cleared for classifi ed information through the National Security Authority (NSM) and all employees have security clearances.

Lønningsfl aten 26, 5258 Blomsterdalen
+46 55 92 71 00