Mabtech AB

Research focused supplier of immunoassays

Mabtech AB is a privately owned Swedish biotech company founded in 1986. Mabtech develops, manufactures and markets high quality monoclonal antibodies and immunological kits. We have a world leading position in the field of ELISpot/FluoroSpot due to our strong research focus and continuous effort to optimize these techniques. Mabtech conforms to the requirements of the international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012.

Measurement of specific immune responses
ELISpot is one of the most sensitive and easiest methods to investigate antigen-specific immune responses at the single cell level. It is ideal when studying the roles of T and B cells in infection, cancer, allergy and transplantation and a standard method in the research and clinical evaluations of new vaccines for e.g. HIV, malaria and cancer. One of the most commonly used analytes to measure is IFN-γ and we offer kits for a wide range of species to cater to research work in many animal models.

FluoroSpot – a new tool for studies on protective immunity
The FluoroSpot assay gives a more detailed qualitative analysis of antigen-specific T cells. With the same powerful features as the ELISpot, fluorescent visualization of spots enables simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins.  It is useful when studying polyfunctional T cells, cytokine secretion from macrophages and dendritic cells and in situations where cell numbers are limited. FluoroSpot also gives the possibility to analyze the secretion of different immunoglobulin isotypes or subclasses when working with B cells.

Mabtech has a special research group dedicated to the development of various apolipoprotein assays. We offer a broad panel of reagents and ELISA kits for clinical research laboratories. Apolipoproteins have emerged as key risk markers to predict and diagnose different cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Mabtech1Triple FluoroSpot assays enable detection of up to seven cell  subpopulations in the same well.
Picture shows IFN-γ/IL-22/IL-17A.

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