Malmfalten AB

Malmfalten_05Malmfalten AB is a technology and consulting company with its roots in Swedish Lapland, Kiruna and Luleå.
We offer smart, innovative an
d cost efficient products and solutions for mining, tunnelling, construction, and heavy industry.  

Our mining safety equipment has been developed through years of study, in both Sweden and abroad. We take mining safety seriously, because our consultants are right there with you, taking the same risks you do, and we want both them and you to be safe.

Malmfalten_04The Cavimeter System
15 seconds to Rock Bolt security. That’s what we used to advertise. Now it’s even less. With the Cavimeter it only takes a moment to find out if your bolt has been fully grouted or not. Did you use enough mixture? Where there cracks or fissures you where unaware of? With the Cavimeter, you no longer have to guestimate your use of cement. Our patented system will tell you, straight away, if your rock bolts are secured.

The Cavimeter System consists of:
Cavisens Multi Sensor LT
Cavicom Multi Sensor PRO

Use the Cavimeter or Cavimini to check how well secured your bolts are. Use the Cavisens or Cavicom sensor system to receive a warning, if changes in the rock are straining the bolt.



The NMX Rock Bolt SystemMalmfalten_01
We are proud to be a part of the NMV development of smarter and stronger rock bolts. The NMX ”Kiruna Bolt” has been used in the LKAB mines for decades. The NMX Dynamic bolts are superbly suited for high stress rock environments with seismic activity.

BOS Quick Build Containers
The Quick Build Container system is both quick and easy to set up, as well as versatile in its uses. Build, reconfigure, move or dismantle and rebuild again. Build a hangar, or a tool shed, with the many sizes and options available, the possibilites are truly endless.

Malmfalten Consulting
Technical documentation, project and risk management, process optimization, and more. We offer solutions tailored to your needs.



Malmfalten AB
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