Mar-Kem AS

The company was built up on deliveries and other services to the shipping industry (workshops and shipping lines), and to the industrial sector generally.

Mar-Kem A/S has been involved in 90 per cent of this market, acquiring particular expertise in pressure testing, pickling and oil-flushing with the necessary documentation.

These activities in turn have helped Mar-Kem A/S develop the know-how required for providing the best service, together with a range of materials and equipment tailored to the client’s every need.

Since the nineties Mar-Kem A/S has increasingly made onshore industry a priority, applying the expertise built up over the years to land-based enterprises. Our specialities are high-pressure testing, oil-flushing, and chemical cleaning of coolers, heat exchangers, boilers and other equipment using our own specially adapted compounds.

Mar-Kem AS Mar-Kem A/S carries out acid cleaning (pickling) of acidresistant materials, tankers and pipes and associated equipment.

Mar-Kem A/S has its own NDT department with facilities for RTI, MPI, DPI and visual monitoring. We also have a certified welding inspector.

Mar-Kem AS supplies its own chemicals for the various types of cleaning.

Key words for Mar-Kem A/S are “flexibility” and “quality”.

Our know-how – your security

From 2004 Mar-Kem AS has offered services based on plating/welding and machining.

Here are products such as access hatches and flush hatches for chemical carriers the world over, and ladders for access in chemical tankers.

Both hatches and ladders are manufactured in acidresistant materials.

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