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MARCHE BIOTECH is an independent, nonpartisan and non-profit Italian association, located in the Marche region, central Italy, whose mission is to promote a “new culture of biotechnology”, encouraging strategic research, both at a national and a regional level, basing its work on the fundamental ethical principles of the European biotechnology industry.

MARCHE BIOTECH stems from the awareness of the potential impact of biotechnology in the development of innovation and the economy in our region and in our country, as a result of the recognized excellence of the Italian research as well as the outstanding capacity of our companies to transform innovation into valuable products ad enterprise value.* Despite the continuing of an economic crisis of global dimension, the Italian biotech industry ranks third in Europe (after Germany and United Kingdom) with 422 companies active in the field of biotechnology, half of which (264) are pure biotech companies.  The vast majority (77%) of these are micro or small size companies, which suffer the difficulties in emerging at a world level*.

Cooperation and collaboration are considered key factors to overcome these limitations and emerge at competitive level. For these reasons, MARCHE BIOTECH activity is based on collaboration and cooperation with regional institutions, national public and private consortia, companies, organizations, foundations, associations, national and international organizations, Italian and foreign research institutes.

MARCHE BIOTECH was founded in December 2008, by four companies (Eridania Sadam (, Diatech (, Diatheva ( and Sparkle  ( involved in different areas related to biotechnology.

The four founders Companies are motivated by excellences in their respective fields, as part of which they have gained knowledge on biotech issues and experiences in collaborative research projects successfully implemented in the context of national and Community programs: the R&D activities of Eridania Sadam have for years aimed at the development of biotechnological processes for the enhancement of agro-food co-products and by-products, to obtain value-added products (monomers, bioactive molecules, energy, etc.); Diatech produces diagnostics for human health through the DNA analysis; Diatheva, in addition to operating in the same sector, produces monoclonal antibodies of GMP class; Sparkle operates in the field of radiopharmaceuticals for use in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer.

Among other associated companies, should be noted  EryDel  ( an Italian innovative drug delivery company, specialized in the development of drugs and diagnostics delivered through human red blood cells, which just last year has been selected between the top five candidates to compete in the EuropaBio Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Award and JCUBE the first certified incubator of the region (

MARCHE BIOTECH aims to incorporate different production realities and to mobilize sectors, systems of enterprises and research institutes, in order to make a real contribution to the advancement of life sciences and to the transfer of the results of basic research into practical applications, therefore creating new opportunities for all those businesses that rely on growth and technological innovation.

*Italian Biotechnology Report – 2014

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