Marin Subsea Ltd

Marin are one of the energy industry’s first choices for full ocean depth excavation, recovery, decommissioning, deepwater troubleshooting and drilling support. Leading Marin is the team responsible for pioneering and refining two pivotal subsea excavation techniques: MFE (mass-flow excavation) and claycutting.

Group CEO George (Boris) Stroud and chief technical director Nick Sills between them designed, developed and built more than 90% of the MFE and claycutting equipment in use today.

Marin’s strengths are without a doubt the versatility and range of tooling they can provide. The Evo and JetProp systems represent today’s most versatile MFE and claycutting equipment, and they allow specialist excavation across a broad range of operations – from complex shallow water locations to projects where full ocean depth (FOD) capability is required.

Equipment is designed in-house and much of it patented proprietary technology. Marin have a long history of delivering bespoke solutions on some of the most complex projects in the toughest of locations. In addition to specialist subsea capabilities Marin can also provide innovative drilling support to clients for top hole clean up and well preparation.

Using the skills and technology from across the business top hole clean up and well preparation solutions from Marin are reliable and cost effective. These solutions enhance operational efficiency removing debris that interferes with normal production without damaging the well structure.

Subsea without limits.

Marin Subsea Ltd
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