Marine Benchmark Gothenburg AB

 Global AIS analysis & Market Intelligence tools for the maritime sector


The services are based on analysis of the world fleet and its vessel movements from global AIS-information (AIS-antennas from land & satellites) stored since January 2009. Vessel movements and information of the world fleet are supplied by IHS Maritime.

We offer:
Identify & verify market: product & service offers
Quantify market: shipping segments & location
Identify clients for selected offer: vessels with owner/company
Prepare for client meetings: operational profiles & utilisation
AIS analysis for claims handling: running hours and stop times
Competitor analysis: trade pattern, fleet, speed & utilisation


Typical deliveries:
Analysis of ship type & size segments and competitor fleet

  • Operational profiles and utilisations
  • Fuel consumption and slow steaming
  • Transport work (ton*nm) trends
  • Energy Efficiency Operational Index EEOI (CO2 per tonkm)
  • Voyage list, return cargo & port congestion etc…
  • Area analysis like SECA and EU 2020 0.5% sulphur
Our clients:

  • Equipment, Service and Bunker suppliers
  • Ship owners / Managers / Brokers
  • Cargo owners
  • Class and Authorities
  • Ship yards
  • Ports
  • Banks and Financial institutions

Let our analysis, based on facts, be part of your business intelligence supporting you to make the right decisions and find the right clients.

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