Marine Cybernetics

Marine Cybernetics specializes in providing safety and cost-effectiveness for your company, by testing the control systems on ships and offshore installations.

We assess the control systems using Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) technology which is based on our unique CyberSea Simulator Technology. This test method results in a more thorough and relevant assessment of the software in control systems, compared to existing test methods.

Independent testing by Marine Cybernetics is an essential element of working towards higher quality for software in control systems. Our CyberSea Simulator Technology replicates potential problems which can occur during operations at sea, thus testing that your control systems can effectively manage in any situation according to class and client requirements. A HIL test is accomplished by connecting the control system to a simulator that simulates the ship in normal, abnormal and degraded situations.

Marine Cybernetics offerings HIL testing of the following systems; Dynamic Positioning system (DP), Power Management System (PMS), Propulsion & Thruster Control (P&T), Ballast systems, Crane control, etc. HIL tests are carried out on many types of vessels like; All Offshore Service Vessels, Drilling Vessels, LNG-Tankers, Shuttle Tankers, Cruise Vessels, and others.

Benefits of the HIL testing:

  • Safer ships and rigs with less incidents caused by software and computer errors
  • Reduced cost and risk due to testing early in the design and engineering phase
  • More efficient sea trials
  • Less use for potentially destructive testing
  • Reduced downtime and risk during operations
  • Vessel specific operator training based on HIL findings, and verification of the vessel’s operational procedures

HIL test services carried out by Marine Cybernetics are according to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) new Standard for Certification of HIL testing. Oil companies have put HIL into requirement specification for new charters to increase their productiveness, safety and reduce risk of harming the environment.

Marine Cybernetics is your partner for quality testing of Marine Control Systems.
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