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marine globalMarine Global Group is an independent expert in onboard and offshore Mechanical and Electrical installations – anywhere. Marine Global are located in Sweden, Norway, USA and Poland. Our strength is our ability to deliver complete turnkey packages.

Pipe installations
Replacement of entire pipesystems in onboard environment demands special skills and experience, skills all our technicians have. We deliver turnkey solutions, customer adapted systems and installations in all different types of materials or systems, Pressfit, Stainless Steel, CuNi, Copper, Fibreglass, Bond Strand etc.

Our services

  • Grey & black water
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Ballast pipes
  • Potable water
  • Hydraulic system

Enviromental systems
Marine Global Group has conducted several installations on ships various enviromental systems. Our great advantage when installing these systems is our labours mix of profession. We have in-house employed Pipe fitters, Electricians, Welders and Fitters and can therefore take a total responsibility for the complete installation. On customers request we includes the full scope of equipment delivery as well, and deliver turn-key packages. We have a business concept that is based on objectivity and we therefore guarantee product independency.

Our services

  • Smoke emission control
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis/AWP
  • SCR systems

marine globalElectrical installations
Our teams of marine certified electricians and engineers carry out installations according to international rules and regulations.

Our services

  • Automation & Control systems
  • Power & Light
  • IT-Networks
  • Gas detection

marine global

marine globalHigh Voltage Shore Connections
The new IEC standard 60092-510 promotes the use of a common way to connect a ship to shore power, regardless of country or Port. One of the great advantages with the new standard is the use of High Voltage for transferring power onboard. A high voltage cable makes it possible to transfer 25 times more power than with a normal 400V cable of the same dimension. One plug instead of 25 plugs. Our technical solution adapts to the existing Power Management System on each individual ship and are based on components that are available worldwide. After a ship survey our engineers suggest the most economical solution to fulfill the new regulations on your ship. Considering both Steel modifications of Intake- and transformer rooms, Hatch openings in the hull as well as electrical aspects such as modifications of Main Switch board and integration with PMS and Engine alarm system. Marine Global Group deliver HVSC systems as turn-key packages according to latest IEC standard.


marine globalA typical installation consist of

  • Interface to Shore Grid
  • High Voltage Transformer or Converter
  • Flex cable management system
  • Openings in hull for flex cable/plug
  • Preparing space for Intake room or Local Control station including steel modifications, hydraulic pipe installations, sprinkler and electrical installations
  • High Voltage switchboards
  • Connection to Ships Power net
  • Syncronizing and Alarm equipment
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