Marine Safety AS

Marine Safetys vision is to protect people at sea

We offer you a complete package of German high quality PPE and are the Norwegian distributor of SECUMAR Lifejackets, BORNACK Fallstop safety and Aquata immersion suits. MS is also a dealer of UVEX PPE and Easy Rescue AIS SART PLB.Marine_Safety_01

We know that high quality safety equipment and good training is the only thing you can trust when an accident occurs.

We will prevent you falling from heights, drowning at sea, find the man over board with integrated AIS SART PLB and help you survive in immersion suits.

SECUMAR Lifejackets – unique through consistent research and innovation
Many companies have made safety at sea their area of work. However, hardly any of them have approached the subject with such high requirements and with such sound scientific knowledge as SECUMAR from Hamburg, Germany. They have for almost 50 years manufactured the most innovative lifesaving equipment under the brand name of SECUMAR.

Logically consistent research and demand for top quality has helped SECUMAR attain a world leading position in this field.

The SECUMAR philosophy is to continuously develop tailor-made solutions in lifesaving equipment to meet existing and future customer requirements for equipment to protect them from drowning in any given situation.

BORNACK  FALLSTOP SAFETY for working in heights
BORNACK has developed integrated rope protection concepts for 50 years. They supply high quality complete packages for safe working at heights and depths. All the concepts are systematically structured from the risk analysis, through planning, installation, training, service and repairs. BORNACK develops custom made solutions for every safety problem. The starting point for every task is a careful analysis of the special requirements of the customers.


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