Maritim Consultants AS

Maritime Consultants, Test of bacteria growing in diesel, onboard offshore vessel.


Maritim Consultants AS provides consultancy services for the shipping,
offshore and general transport industries in combating and prevention
of diesel bacteria in diesel systems.

The company provides total solutions for tanks, offshore rigs, ships
and all diesel vehicles with the following services:


– Laboratory analysis with ATP test equipment.
– Preparation of an action plan depending on the degree of infection and the complexity of the plant.
– Cleaning of tanks and piping systems.
– Disinfecting of tanks and piping systems by treatment with Bio Protect 2.
– Preparing a maintenance plan to avoid future bacterial contaminations.
– Sale of dipsticks with high quality and long shelf life.

The company has developed and produces Bio Protect 2 for prevention and combating bacteria in diesel systems.

The product has been produced since 1985 and has proved to be very effective against diesel bacteria also called diesel bugs.

1: 2000 in combating diesel bacteria. (Extreme 1:1000)
1: 5000 in prevention of diesel bacteria

Bio Protect 2 is registered and approved in NEMS Chemicals. A database for Offshore Chemicals (HOCNF)

Bio Protect 2 is sold in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, UK, Asia and Africa through dealers. Sold in every size from 100 ml bottles to 1000 liters IBC containers. For smaller diesel vehicles Maritim Consultants AS has started production of a mixed product called Bugs Protect. The product has the same effect on diesel bugs but it’s less concentrated.

During 2011 it was sold enough Bio Protect 2 to prevent 80 Million liters diesel from bacterial contamination. Make sure your diesel contains Bio Protect 2 or Bugs Protect and you will not be infected. Diesel bugs often cause engine breakdown.

Bio Protect 2 and Bugs Protect kills bacteria and increase engine performance, remove condensation, prevents waxing, corrosion, filter plugging. Increases engine life. Not hazardous, not transport dangerous and can be shipped by air all over the world. Find your solution on

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