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Maritime Associates (mA) was established in 2002, by a group of Marine & Offshore professionals. mA provides a wide range consulting services for the marine and offshore oil & gas industry ranging from concept design to detail engineering and project management. mA has also developed a web based fleet management system, VMOSnet, covering all aspects of ship management in a fully integrated system.

Maritime Assoicates Pte LtdVMOSnet- web based fleet management system
VMOSnet is an integrated Ship Management System, covering the different aspects of ship management. The ship database is installed on the ships server and works on the ships intranet. The office system is web based and the office and ship databases are synchronized by means of transmission of changes to data as email attachments between the ship and office. The generation of data files, their transmission via email and replication of the respective databases is a seamless automated process.

Analyzing the data and generating HSSEQA / KPI reports is done in minutes. Fleet overview, summary of status of reports and details of any specific report for any vessel in your fleet can be viewed inside VMOSnet, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The combination of above features ensures that, YOU ARE READY FOR ANY AUDIT AT ANY GIVEN POINT IN TIME. All you need to do is go about performing the day to day ship management functions using VMOSnet. VMOSnet can be tailored for your needs, either as a fully integrated package or selection specific modules.


  • Maritime Assoicates Pte LtdHSSEQ (ISM/ISPS Compliance)
  • Document Management
  • Crew Management
  • Asset Register/ Maintenance
  • Requisition/ Purchasing
  • Voyage Planning

Design and Engineering Services
Maritime Associates has significant experience in providing D & E services for new building, conversion, upgrade and repair related to; AHTS/PSV, Chemical Tankers, Accommodation Vessels, Pipe Lay/Heavy Lift Vessels, Semi-Submersible, Jack Up Rigs, Drill Ships, FPSO/FSO, Heavy steel Structure, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Process Skids, and more.

Maritime Assoicates Pte Ltd

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