The Markleen Group is a leading manufacturer of oil spill response systems. The company provides complete packages comprising all equipment and services required for installations onboard oil recovery vessels, at a refinery or a petrochemical plant, in ports and in oil spill response bases in accordance with all class societies.

Main Objective
Markleen focuses on stateof-the-art engineering and production techniques in order to provide the most competitive and best performing systems on the market.

Operator safety, fast response, minimal manpower requirements and high quality are principal concerns. The company’s objective is to be the best choice for its client’s bottom line over the long-term.

Markleen´s head office is located in the seaside village of Vollen, approximately 20 kilometres south of Oslo.

The group has more than 50 employees and makes its equipment at plants in Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Product Lines
• Oil booms
• Skimmers
• Pumping systems
• Oil bags and tanks
• Hydraulic power packs
• Dispersant spray equipment
• Sorbents
• Workboats
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